Should We Be Lowering The Amount Of Salt In Our Diets?

30 Jan 2012
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Salt has always been suspected of causing health problems if too much is consumed. Recent studies have shed new light on how reducing salt intake can reduce blood pressure and ultimately the incidence of strokes and heart attacks. Salt was originally discovered by the Chinese as a way to preserve food over 5000 years ago. With the advent of refrigeration, salt consumption declined. With the rise of consumption of processed foods in Western society, salt consumption has again risen to dangerously high levels. The current average intake of sodium in the US is greater than 3400mg per day. Current recommendations are to limit total sodium to 1500mg to 2300mg per.

How To Survive The Holiday Feeding Frenzy Without Completely Blowing Your Diet!

21 Nov 2011
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Throughout the holiday season, temptations are everywhere — a busy social schedule, office and school parties, family functions, and neighborly gestures of sweets and treats. You need a strategy for dealing with the abundance of calories that are part and parcel of the holiday season. Most people gain 2-5 pounds each year during the feasting season that starts at Thanksgiving and ends New Year’s Day. The plan: Aim to hold steady at your current weight and focus on not gaining any additional pounds by Jan. 1. It is so hard to resist temptation, but it gets easier if you’re equipped with a plan. Follow these tips to help you survive.