How can you decrease your stress?

Simplify your life and de-clutter your life and mind and you can significantly improve your health.

Now that we are past the Holiday Season of hustle and bustle, it’s time to simplify.

Discover the value of living a more balanced, less stressful, deliberate and thoughtful life.

Here’s what to do:

  • Clear the clutter. Pick one area of your home and take a hard look. Clear out the items you are not using and either donate, sell, store or throw away.
  • Switch off the media. Turn off the TV’s, radios, smart phones, laptops and video games. This is audio-visual clutter.
  • Clear your calendar. Only say yes to activities you really care about and learn to say no. Too many activities is often the cause of great stress.
  • Stop the multi-tasking. This is a form of mind clutter. This happens when our attention gets spread too thin and we are unable to get into the “zone”.

Clutter not only causes us to be irritated by not being able to find something but also sends a visual message that our life is out of control.

Disorder brings about procrastination which only perpetuates more chaos.

To make matters worse, when you’re under stress, cortisol, our main stress hormone, short-circuits your brain leading to forgetfulness, irritation and meltdowns.

It’s not just the home that gets cluttered but your mind as well can be overcrowded with junk.

So simplify, simplify, simplify! The road to better health is as simple as that!