At Advanced Integrative Medicine, we’ve assembled the VERY best team of complementary practitioners, doctors, therapists and staff in Denver

To support our Patient Centered concepts, we have developed a team approach to integrated medicine. Today, many patients experience medicine as fragmented health care. Each practitioner is isolated, and you get to tell your story many times. You wonder if everyone knows the whole story.

The Practitioner Team

Our team approach allows us to integrate multiple practitioners so that you receive continuity of care no matter which practitioner you are seeing. And it allows us to integrate care across multiple disciplines, from both Western and Eastern medicines, allow you a breadth of coordinated choices rarely found in traditional practices.

Complementary Health Practitioners, Doctors and Therapists

Randall L. Snook

M.D., Internal Medicine Dr. Snook’s special interests include diet and exercise and their critical role in overall health as well as Sports Medicine for the active patient …

Dennis L. Furr

D.O., Family Practice Dr. Furr has practiced medicine in Southeast Denver for over 20 years. His interests are not limited but include nutrition, sports medicine and lipid management …

Dina Elias

Psy.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist Dr. Elias specializes in health psychology to improve quality of life by addressing the functioning of the mind and body…

Jennifer Kjar Hepp

D.O., Family Medicine Dr. Hepp has been practicing in southeast Denver for over 8 years. She enjoys treating the entire family and the preventative care aspects that allows…

Bob Sundquist

D.C., Doctor of Chiropractic

Katie Young

PA-C, M.S., Physician Assistant Katie believes that patients should know their wide variety of options and enjoys “putting it all together” with them to develop their individualized medical care plan to achieve balanced health…

Scott McDoniel

PhD, FACN, FTOS Dr. Scott McDoniel is a behavioral nutrition specialist with a primary focus in obesity management and functional nutrition …

Diana Milling

Doctor Dr. Diana Milling has been a health care professional for over 17 years. Prior to her formal training she worked as a therapist in Radiation Oncology …

Gina Caprara

Family Nurse Practitioner Gina Caprara is a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner. She is thrilled to join the distinguished team of providers at AIM where she looks forward to …

The Advanced Integrative Medicine team

Julie Snook

Office Manager