Some weight loss studies show that including a little candy in your diet can make a diet easier to follow.

BUT, for the best results allow no more than 100-200 calories a day for your candy treat: a small snack-size chocolate bar.

The truth of the matter is CHOCOLATE can be HEALTHY!

Not all chocolate has the benefits. The best for your health is solid dark chocolate.

The health benefits come from the flavanoids, a phytochemical found in the cacao bean from which cocoa is produced.

Dark chocolate has the highest percentage of cocoa and therefore the highest percentage of flavanoids.

What does it help health wise?

  • Heart health
  • Blood pressure reduction
  • Reduces LDL (bad cholesterol)
  • Increases blood flow to the brain
  • May improve blood sugar

How much chocolate per day do I get? One ounce of dark chocolate.

Amount of flavanoids depends on the concentration of cocoa:

  • Inexpensive milk chocolate has a mere 7%
  • Most milk chocolate has 50%
  • Dark chocolate has 70%+!

So….Eat that dark chocolate daily and help you health!