It’s Time To Get Vaccinated Against The Flu!

08 Oct 2012
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The CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) tells us 20% of Americans get the “flu” (influenza) every year. Over 200,000 people are hospitalized every year from the flu. Anywhere from 3,000 to 49,000 deaths each year are flu related. Getting a flu shot is the first and most important step to protect you from the flu. Your protection begins within two weeks of getting the flu shot. Getting the flu shot does not cause the flu! Who should get a flu shot? Everyone 6 months or older. Those at high risk to develop serious complications from the flu, young children less then 5 years and especially less than 2.

Acupuncture more common for treating pain, other ailments

11 Sep 2012
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You may soon see a few needles next to your doctor’s stethoscope. The ancient art of acupuncture is gaining respect among western doctors who in the past haven’t recognized it as a legitimate medical practice. New research analyzing a series of studies on more than 18,000 adult patients shows acupuncture actually worked better than other types of pain therapy on several conditions from headaches to arthritis. Dr. Randall Snook of Advanced Integrative Medicine in Lone Tree says adding acupuncture is yielding successful results in patients who suffer from neck pain and other ailments. “There’s been evidence it can treat diabetes to a certain extent by activating the pancreas and the.

The Heat Is On! What To Be Aware Of To Avoid Heat Exhaustion And Heat Stroke

16 Jul 2012
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Heat Cramps (the mildest condition) can lead to Heat Exhaustion which can lead to Heat Stroke (which if severe can be a life threatening condition!). Who is at risk: The very young less than 4 years old. Older adults more than 65 years old with chronic illnesses and/or on medications. Any person on certain medications or taking illicit drugs or drinking excess alcohol. Obese individuals. Those exposed to a sudden temperature change, “heat waves” or travel to a hot climate. Causes: High temperatures. High humidity. Strenuous activity. Dehydration. Alcohol consumption. Overdressing. Signs and symptoms: Body temperature of 104 degrees F or higher–seek immediate medical attention! This is Heat Stroke! “Goose.

Reality Weight-Loss TV, Is This Degree Of Weight Loss Possible For The Rest Of Us?

18 Jun 2012
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Super intensive exercise-based weight loss programs shed pounds and reduce the risk (and sometimes cure) diabetes and other cardiovascular risk factors like blood pressure and cholesterol. But is this intense of a program, as seen on ‘The Biggest Loser’, practical for the obese patient who presents to their Primary Care Doctor? This reality TV exercise-centric program with only minor dietary restrictions resulted in a mean weight loss of 36% of starting body weight at 29 weeks. The current belief of experts in this country is to recommend an attainable weight loss goal of only 5-10% for patients presenting to their Doctor for help. After analyzing the results of 35 contestants.

Would You Be Able To Perform CPR If Someone Needed It?

14 May 2012
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Why learn CPR? I recently had a very eye opening experience in my own home that has prompted me to make the suggestion that everyone learn CPR. Julie and my three daughters and I were at the end of the evening at home in our living area and were about to head up to bed when my youngest daughter Maddie, 9 years old, was sort of doing a jumping act on the ottoman of a sofa chair. She turned to me and said “watch Dad I can do it blind folded” and she proceeded to cover her head and body with a blanket. As she spring boarded off the ottoman.