Safe & Healthy 4th of July Cooking

04 Jul 2011
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Causes: Food Processing causing bacteria to be on the food before you get it Food Growing again causing bacteria to be on the food before you get it Food Handling causing contamination from a person or a surface used to prepare the food From the Environment by contamination from dirt, dust and contaminated water Prevention: CLEAN: Hot soapy water to clean hands, surfaces and tools SEPARATE: Keep uncooked meats from having contact with raw vegetables COOK: Rule of thumb for meat is center temp greater than 160 degrees F CHILL: Promptly put in cooler or fridge within 1-2 hours of preparation WHEN IN DOUBT, THROW IT OUT Treatment: Fluids and.

Heat Cramps/Heat Exhaustion/Heat Stroke

20 Jun 2011
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Here is the script for Heat Stroke: Heat Cramps (Mildest) can lead to Heat Exhaustion can lead to Heat Stroke (Most Severe and can be a Life Threatening Condition!) Who’s at risk? Young: less than 4 years old Old: more than 65 years old with chronic illnesses and/or on medications Those on certain medications or taking certain illicit drugs or drinking alcohol Obese individuals Those exposed to sudden temperature changes, Heat Waves or travel to a hot climate Causes: High Temperatures High Humidity Strenuous Activity Dehydration Alcohol Consumption Overdressing Signs and symptoms: Body temperature of 104 degrees F or higher: seek immediate medical attention! This Is Heat Stroke! ‘Goose bumps’.