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Medical Monday with Dr. Randall Snook on Channel 2

Each Monday Dr. Snook picks a medical topic to discuss on the air live at 7:35 am on Channel 2.
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HEALTHY LIVING - AIM Story by Geri Gingras Barela.


This is a new way for our patients to communicate Directly to your provider! With a HealthTracker account you will be able to get your results from labs directly on your email, request your next appointment without calling, print off your medical records, request a refill for your prescriptions, confirm your appointment and much more. Call our office or ask to be added to HealthTracker the next time you are at your appointment and get more out of seeing our providers!

Top Ten Reasons to Drink Our Doctor's Tea!

  • It Tastes Great
  • It promotes Healthy Cholesterol
  • It Promotes Stable Blood Pressure
  • It Stops Sugar Cravings
  • It May Prevent Cancer
  • It Promotes Weight Loss
  • It Increases Energy Levels
  • It Decreases Stress Levels
  • It Increases Metabolism
  • It's Available Here!

You can now order this by a simple phone call to our office at 303-708-0246 or email on our website! We ship to your house!

Dr. Snook will be extending his hours, due to recent patient demand.

He will be at the office all day Mondays! Please book you appointments now!

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At Advanced Integrative Medicine, we incorporate the very best complementary medicine and traditional medical care therapies...

In doing so, Advanced Integrative Medicine is Denver Colorado’s premier source for your complementary medicine and traditional medical care services.

We draw from the best of both Western and Eastern medical therapies to offer you...

• Acupuncture, Chiropractic Care and Massage Therapy services in an environment where complementary medical practices are key and the foundation to your overall wellness.

• Internal Medicine and Family Practice Medicine in a manner where you are never rushed through an appointment—we take the time you need and we need to understand you and your medical history.

• Life and Grief Counseling that helps you deal with issues, death or trauma in a healthy way and gets you back on track to living the life you desire.

• Nutritional Counseling and Stress Management services that will keep you healthy for the long-haul and better able to deal with life’s situations that may keep you from enjoying total health.

Our complementary medicine and medical care services are world class and ensure you’ll enjoy a total experience centered around you.

We invite you to explore this website and learn about what makes us different and how we can help you via our unique and contemporary blending of alterative and traditional medical services.

Let us show you how Advanced Integrative Medicine can provide a comprehensive approach to your us today at 303-708-0246.

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